Simplifying in the face of an onslaught of new needs when growing your business. Repetition is key.

A director of a family-owned tree house-building company that’s seen exponential growth over the course of its nearly 15-year history joked that they’re thriving in spite of doing everything contrary to the most fundamental business model.

“I don’t think there are two projects that we’ve done that have ever been the same. So that’s kind of our Achilles heel,” he said. “For most businesses, you want scalability. You want to do the same thing again and again efficiently so you can get lower costs and sell more of them. We do sort of the opposite and make every project as complicated as possible.”

He can laugh because the wait for one of their over-the-top tree houses is running several months long. Few businesses will ever find themselves in such a position. Which is why our management consulting services emphasize establishing a highly desirable product line and then efficiently scaling it. A straightforward and, most critically, sustainable process empowers every facet, from manufacturing to sales.

The true value of your company is based on the effectiveness of its workflow, management and marketing, not simply the magnetism of its product. Stress one and the imbalance will threaten to undermine the whole. Growing your business, with our help, will entail a simplification of the former in the face of ever-increasing needs. Easier said than done, we realize. If it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be reading this in the first place. But, giving into the temptation to meet every demand singularly is, ultimately, a precarious response that leads to a disjointed workflow, over-management and a scrambled message. Even if your product isn’t one-size-fits-all, it can still be economically scaled. Unless, apparently, you’re designing palatial tree houses.

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